Drafting Strategy …Know what to ‘Expect’

Hey Whats Up Everybody… I’ve been mock  drafting  since May 21st, dozens and dozens of drafts at least 3 or more per day. After numerous practice runs this is what I know. There are 8-12 teams vying for roughly 200 players to fill their teams. There is enough top ten talent at certain positions to go around but there are some premium positions.Unfortunately some don’t realize when you draft in the first round will set you up for the rest of your draft. You will need at least 2-3 strategies for your draft. Strategy  Stockpile RB’s & QB’s …Rd 1, 3, 4, & sometimes 5 RB with the 2nd round one of the top WR’s. Then rounds 5-8 grab two of the top ten QB’s with the other pick grabbing the Seattle D or a #1 WR.  Rounds 9-12 WR’s and your final RB. 13 -15 TE and a rookie RB with the 16th a K. My drafts have some what looked like this. rd 1 either RB McCoy, Lacy, or Forster rd 2 either WR Thomas, AJ, Bryant, or Jones rd 3 either RB Bernard, Bell or Matthews rd 4 either RB Ellington rd 5 either RB Ridley or QB Luck rd 6 QB Ryan rd 7 QB Brady rd 8 D Seattle rd 9 WR Wallace rd 10 WR Tate rd 11 WR Williams rd 12 RB TE Reed rd 13-14 RB Hill, West or Anderson rd 15 WR Dobson or Austin rd 16 K Bailey in summary you will have 3 top ten QB’s, 5-6 RB’s w/ 4 of them being the bell cow back and two of them being in a position to be the # 1 back for their team. They make great trade bait for your team needs later in the season. 4 WR’s  & one each TE, D & K. This drafting style allows you to control two premium positions. I will disclose my balance at the top of the draft style  later in the week. Red-zone Ron


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