2015 How About Dem Cowboys…

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With a 12-4 season (8-0 road) record under their belt the Dallas Cowboys have a limited opportunity to repeat as NFC East Champs. Romo is 35 and coming off another injury plagued season. The aging QB may have a couple maybe only one more decent year left in him. WR Dez Bryant will be bolting after his Franchise year tag is removed next season. Owner Jerry Jones seems to have no interest in bringing back RB DeMarco Murray after years of injuries he paid dividends the last two seasons. Dallas has a strong Offensive Line & will need to keep Romo healthy to compete. So here’s the play…Why doesn’t Dallas sign Bryant for one season with an option for the second year. This will allow Bryant to be paid top five WR money and test free agency in a year, why would he want to sign a long-term deal with Dallas during their rebuilding process or the growing pains of a rookie QB. This will allow Dallas to franchise RB Murray for this season and hope Romo…

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